We are Early Childhood Educators

We are Childcare Educators who believe in children and their right to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe in providing a safe, nurturing and loving environment while offering developmentally appropriate activities for the children in our care.


We believe that every child has a right to learn regardless of challenges or learning styles. We believe in promoting higher quality care than what’s mandated by the State.

Our Story

S.P.N.A. was founded in August 1998 by Mrs. DeCarla Burton with the vision of one day becoming a network of Professional Early Childhood Educators that are respected partners in the childhood community.


Mrs. Burton realized that she needed other visionaries with the same drive and determination, and Dorothy Davis was one of the first educators to answer that call.


Together, they organized Supporting Professionals Network Association, one of the largest professional early childhood organizations for both Home and Center early  childhood businesses located throughout Illinois.

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S.P.N.A. is waiting for You

Join us as we continue to collaborate, mentor and support all early childhood businesses that understand the power in networking