Annual Membership Dues - (January – December 31st)

•Membership Dues - $135.00 •Licensed Exempt - $67.50 •Assistant Dues - $67.50

Member Benefits

  • Provide a platform for members to network and support each other.
  • Environment that builds future leaders.
  • Provide information and resources to remain current on issues related to early childhood.
  • Mentoring and support.
  • Trainings which provide certificates to help satisfy DCFS mandated clock hours.
  • Share and receive information on the Best Practices to enhance childcare business.
  • Union (SEIU) updates
  • Participate in annual pinning ceremony
  • Participate in children’s school transition activity
  • Participate in Annual Back to School Festival
  • support for center programs


Members Expectations

  • Attend Meetings and contribute your talents and expertise to help move S.P.N.A. forward.
  • Exhibit professionalism when representing S.P.N.A.
  • Support Signature Events by volunteering, contributing time and ideas, making a monetary contribution, purchasing tickets or any other way possible.
  • Bring another educator to a meeting.